Welcome to World Linguistics! According to an article in the Washington Times, only 20.7% of American adults can speak a world language compared to 66% of European adults. The fact that only this many American adults can speak a world language is a problem. In fact, many American students who take a world language class in high school don’t grasp the concepts and theory that they are taught. World Linguistics seeks to increase this percentage by bringing linguistic awareness to a global society through quality online educational resources. Our byte-sized video lessons explain concepts that many students struggle to learn in their world language classes. We value teaching not only to improve others’ knowledge of languages but to also instill cultural understanding in our students. We have released our first Spanish course which can be found on our site and on Youtube. Our Spanish Level 2 course lessons are still under development. To thrive as a global society, we need more individuals who understand each other. How do we get there? The key is to learn other languages and cultures. This ultimately increases understanding and breaks down barriers between countries. World Linguistics is the only brand that is bringing linguistic awareness to a global society, and we embrace every opportunity to touch others and improve their outlook on the world. You can find us on Instagram @worldlinguistics and on Youtube here.